The handle is made the old industrial way with sand castings and poured aluminum. When the Grant Inoculator was invented in 1947, several family members had impressions made of their fingers and vote was taken for the most comfortable fit.
The finger grip can be adjusted on the main body to fit every hand. To this day, our customers do not want us to change the design. So much for computer generated designs.

This Reservoir is designed to handle a 1K dose vial. In fact, due to the unique design, you will get over 1300 doses out of a single 1K dose vial saving you money. This is due to the vial being over filled to accommodate the DOUBLE NEEDLE PRONG packaged with a box of vaccine. The PRONG can not pick up all the vaccine in a vial. You will use ALL the vaccine in every vial. The MODEL 10 Reservoir is designed with a central clear barrel and two machined end pieces.
We could not make a one piece unit because the material would not be clear to view the vaccine. This reservoir is very strong and has a drop test specification, but because it is made out of three pieces, special care must be given so the end pieces do not break. Handle as you would with any medical device.

Needle Assembly
The needle is made out of a special stainless material that is heat treated to give strength to the needle eye. In 1990, the needle eye was redesigned to accommodate the new AE / POX combination vaccine to delivery the proper dose of .01ml.
The Grant Inoculator new needle designed was tested by North Carolina School of Veterinary Medicine Research Group with a 100% take in 500 birds. Also, our customers have been using the MODEL 10 with AE / POX vaccine for over 15 years having bird saving, time saving, and money saving results.
The needle eye geometry design is unique for the vaccine to be picked up inside the Reservoir, passed through the seal membranes and delivered to the web of the bird with every advancement of the needle. How reliable can you get beyond this with other vaccination delivery options?
The PLUNGER ASSEMBLY consists of a needle, stainless steel spring, stainless plunger shank, aluminum button, and needle set screw. These materials are designed not to corrode with vaccine exposure and autoclaving